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The Ultimate Listings: 57 Online Local Business Directories

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

Nowadays, Google is involved in consumer and local business websites usually more than often. Today, Google is inserting itself between consumer and local business websites much more often. You should look no more than AMP, Google My Business conversion points, and snippets for evidence. So, it will be useful if you get your local business info from places and people that are already doing the business like yours, instead of wasting your time in other searches.

You can use SEO tools and strategies to improve your business. If you want to get a benefit to SEO small business digital marketing that gets your local business name, address, and phone number (NAP) present in directories. These online business directories listing sites help to enhance visibility. There are some important things that you should keep in mind while adding them to a directory. Some important things are discussed below.

Consistent NAP: Provide the same company info on all sites if you are updating your business on multiple listing sites.

A link to your website: Backlinks which are also known as inbound links are very important for your company website’s domains. It will be beneficial if you add a tracking link at the end of the URL. It will help you to see how much traffic your website gets from the directories that are linking to it.

A company description: You should have complete and detailed information about your business. It will reflect your company’s mission, values, and culture.

Multimedia: Use multimedia in order to get a better profile of your company. Add pictures and videos of your office, employees.

There is an abundance of industry-specific business listing sites and location-specific directories by which you can enter your data, but it is better to start local businesses with the big guns and work their way to the more niche directories.

Keeping all these things in mind, we collected a list of largest and important business listings based on Domain Authority collected from Moz Link Explorer in May 2018. Almost all of these directories are free to use. Some of the online business directories are mentioned below.

List of Online Business & Directories for Small Business Marketing

  1. Facebook (Domain Authority is 100)

  2. Apple Maps (Domain Authority is 100)

  3. Google My Business (Domain Authority is 100)

  4. LinkedIn Company Directory (Domain Authority is 98)

  5. Bing (Domain Authority is 94)

  6. Yelp (Domain Authority is 94)

  7. Better Business Bureau (Domain Authority is 93)

  8. Foursquare (Domain Authority is 92)

  9. MapQuest (Domain Authority is 92)

  10. HubSpot (Domain Authority is 91)

  11. Yellow Pages (Domain Authority is 91)

  12. Angies List (Domain Authority is 91)

  13. Yahoo! Local (Domain Authority is 91)

  14. Manta (Domain Authority is 87)

  15. Merchant Circle (Domain Authority is 86)

  16. Super Pages (Domain Authority is 84)

  17. Yellow Book (Domain Authority is 83)

  18. Thumbtack (Domain Authority is 82)

  19. (Domain Authority is77)

  20. (Domain Authority is 76)

  21. Hot Frog (Domain Authority is 76)

  22. (Domain Authority is 75)

  23. (Domain Authority is 73)

  24. (Domain Authority is 72)

  25. La Cartes (Domain Authority is 68)

  26. (Domain Authority is 67)

  27. (Domain Authority is 67)

  28. (Domain Authority is 67)

  29. Spoke (Domain Authority is 66)

  30. (Domain Authority is 66)

  31. City Squares (Domain Authority is 66)

  32. Cylex USA (Domain Authority is 66)

  33. (Domain Authority is 66)

  34. BOTW (Domain Authority is 65)

  35. (Domain Authority is 65)

  36. (Domain Authority is 63)

  37. Get Fave (Domain Authority is 63)

  38. (Domain Authority is 63)

  39. (Domain Authority is 60)

  40. Call Up Contact (Domain Authority is 60)

  41. (Domain Authority is 60)

  42. My Huckleberry (Domain Authority is 59)

  43. (Domain Authority is 59)

  44. (Domain Authority is 58)

  45. City Insider (Domain Authority is 58)

  46. (Domain Authority is 58)

  47. My Sheriff (Domain Authority is 57)

  48. (Domain Authority is 56)

  49. (Domain Authority is 55)

  50. (Domain Authority is 55)

  51. (Domain Authority is 55)

  52. (Domain Authority is 54)

  53. (Domain Authority is 52)

  54. (Domain Authority is 50)

  55. (Domain Authority is 49)

  56. Bizadee (Domain Authority is 48)

  57. (Domain Authority is 47)

You can boost up your business by this ultimate list of online business directories. Make sure you have a presence everywhere so that your potential customers may find you easily to any local marketing plan. So do not wait now, add your local business to one of these directories as soon as you can.


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