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How To Use Social Media Groups And Blogs To Build Your Small Business Brand

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

If you are running a business, you must have already thought of using social media to promote your brand. Recently, there has been a boom in using social media platforms and groups to connect with customers. It helps in bringing together communities of people who follow your brand and increasing customer loyalty. In addition, all small have a unique blog section to post informative content for all visitors.

Therefore, here we discuss some ways to strengthen the relationship of your brand with your customers with the help of various social media groups. The following section will discuss the advantages of Facebook Groups, LinkedIn Groups, and blogs for your business. It will also shed some light upon how you can create these groups to help your business advance faster.

Benefits Of Creating A Facebook Group For Your Business

There are a staggering 2.4 billion active users on Facebook every month. Hence, creating a Facebook group is the perfect opportunity for your business to bring people together.

So, following are some benefits of creating a Facebook group for your business:

Customer Relationships: With the help of Facebook groups, you can connect with your regular customers directly and create a community of your followers. Through these groups, you can regularly plan activities or contests to reward them and incentivize them.

Organic Reach: Active Facebook groups, through regular posts interactions from the members, get rewarded by Facebook’s algorithm. You get more visibility and generate more organic leads.

Customer Loyalty: A Facebook group with members that follow your brand religiously creates a community feeling. This leads to loyalty from your customers.

How To Create A Facebook Group For Your Business

Creating a Facebook group is easier than you can imagine. Here are the simple steps to create a Facebook group for your business:

● Go to the top right of the page and click on the option “Create,” and then choose “Group.”

● Then you can choose the type of group from the options. It can be a team, a club, or something else of your choice.

● Then, you need to choose the name of your group. Try to find an easy name so people can find it without a problem.

● Then, you can add members and choose the type of privacy you want for your group.

● Then, you can personalize the group by adding a description and a cover photo. You must write the group policies and the purpose in the description.

Benefits Of Creating A Linkedin Group For Your Business

Creating LinkedIn groups can be super lucrative for your business. Data suggests that LinkedIn has a total of 722 million members while Facebook has 2.74 billion. Although LinkedIn is not the largest social media platform, this network has a specific business focus and consists of an audience that is worth noticing.

Therefore, LinkedIn groups can not just help you build credibility as a brand in the long run, but can also enable you to market your products/services directly to your target audience. It is no secret that the competition today is fierce when it comes to social media marketing. However, by using LinkedIn groups for your business, you can gain influence as a brand in no time. Moreover, since social media is full of opinionated people, you are sure to get some useful feedback to improve your line of work and offer value-added services to your customers.

How To Create A Linkedin Group For Your Business

You can create a LinkedIn group for your business following a few easy steps:

● Go to the navigation bar on the top of the website and click on the Groups link that will appear in the Interests drop-down list.

● Choose the icon that says “Create a Group.”

● Upload a suitable logo for the group.

● Provide all the necessary information regarding the group, such as the group's name, its summary, description, type, URL, etc.

● Also, mention your geographic location, which makes networking with the members a breeze.

● Read the mentioned Terms of Service. Check the box.

● Click on the button that says “Create a Group,” and your business group on LinkedIn will be created.

Benefits Of Creating A Blog For Your Business

Creating a blog has numerous benefits for your business. With a blog, you not only get to share your knowledge and experience but also build authority and ranking. Following are some reasons that will motivate you to create a blog today:

● You can showcase your expertise on a subject that helps build trust towards your business or the brand.

● You can educate people on things related to the theme of your business.

● You create an online identity and trust

● It helps your SEO ranking

How To Create A Blog For Your Business

You can create a blog for your business in some easy steps:

● Pick a good blogging service such as Wix.

● Connect it to your main business website.

● Brainstorm topics or ideas related to your business that you can write about

● Do a quick keywords search

● Write your first blog

If you are running a small business, Wix can be a great option to host your website and blog. Without any prior experience, you can easily create a blog on Wix. Moreover, you can add members of your blog as writers and allow them to add content so as to ensure diversity and freshness in your content. Following are the steps!

● Go to the Member’s page on Wix.

● Then, you can search for a member who can be your writer

● Click on the profile of this member

● Click on this ( ⠇) icon and then click “Follow.”

● Then, select “Set as a writer.”


Social media groups can prove quite lucrative when it comes to increasing your visibility as a small business brand in today’s competitive market. Fortunately, you can refer to this guide to make the process easier and gain more recognition as an authentic brand over time. Remember that sometimes, more is more!

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