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Here are the top 5 reasons why an EPK is important!

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

You can't get booked to perform at Pitchfork, Red Gorilla, or SXSW without one. Done.

But if you really need more reasoning to get an Electronic Press Kit (EPK) created think about this; we are well beyond the era of sending physical copies of music, photos, and mail to promoters an EPK a vital tool to help musicians stand out in the digital age. Don't get left behind or left out.

SXSW panel and performances
Want to perform at SXSW? You need an EPK!

1 - Artists don't have resumes - they have EPKs

If your manager contacts venues, promoters, magazines, etc. they will ask for a press kit to review. If you don’t have a press kit, you’re toast and a bad first impression in the entertainment business can destroy your career.

Having an EPK can benefit artists greatly because they offer a great piece to send to anyone you’re interested in working with. It shows professionalism, and what makes you a professional instead of an amateur? Getting paid! When you or your representation sends your EPK to the right people it shows that you deserve to get what you are asking for to perform. And think of this - the average

2 - Branding

Once again an EPK is an artist's resume. It embodies all their noteworthy accomplishments, their attitude and it creates an image for you. Your message, your sound, your audience, and of course everything that you are worth is your brand as an artist and your EPK solidifies this in one package.

3 - They’re affordable

A custom made EPK is very affordable. You're EPK can be a website, social media page or streaming channel, and even a audio/visual presentation; here at EMPro, Ltd, we offer different EPK packages that will help set you as an artists apart from all the rest. With EPKs starting at less than $100.00 there is no reason why you shouldn't make this investment in your career if you're a serious artist.

4 - Book more paying gigs and coverage

Good fact, artists with custom EPKs book up to 42% more paying gigs than artists without them, according to Sonicbids. Sad and bad fact, most artists don't have a custom EPK (none branded). Branded EPKs via services like Reverbnation, Sonicbids, or similar platforms don't allow you to own your EPK out right. You pay a monthly fee and can only submit to opportunities via their platform.

Having your own press kit allows you to control whenever and wherever you want to send it. Send your EPK as much as you want and never miss out on an opportunity. Short and to the point, your custom branded EPK will show how many fans you have, your most successful projects, and your press coverage. Best thing about your custom press kit, according to Tunecore you have a better chance of securing press, and the more press you have the more paying shows you will be able to book and music you will sale.

5 - Show your level of grind

Show all your past and upcoming shows in an EPK to show that you are an artist that continues to work hard!

EPKs are handy tools that have proven their importance in the music industry and these top five reasons why EPKs are important are only a few! Get an EPK started today to help you stand out in your music scene.

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