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Digital Marketing Glossary of Terms - A
A digital marketing glossary of terms is a list of terms and definitions that are used in digital marketing. The following are some of the top digital marketing glossary terms.
Abandonment Rate - This is also known as the Bounce rate. It is the percentage of visitors that visit a particular page without checking other pages. In e-commerce merchandise shopping carts, this term is mostly used. 
Acquisition - This is a term used for potential visitors when they become confirmed customers or clients.
Acquisition Cost - This is also called Cost-Per-Acquisition (CPA) or conversion cost. It is the ratio of clicks to leads or customers.
AdCenter - It is created by Bing in conjunction with Microsoft. It is a pay-per-click search engine advertising program is which now called Yahoo search result. 
AdSense - This is one of the most effective ways to generate revenue from the traffic that comes to websites. It is used by bloggers and web publishers. The site owner will pick a site to host and google will pay per click. 
Aggregator - It can be referred to as an application or internet-based tool that collects content mostly provided by RSS feed from several websites and then displays it in a central location. An example here is google reader. 
Akismet - This is a platform similar to WordPress mainly used for blogging. It is suitable for capturing 1GB of unwanted user-generated content such as spam and spam comment 
Alerts –These are Notifications that can be set up for various search terms, events, or website actions. They are mainly sent to individuals to notify the of a new development or product. 
Algorithm - A search engine uses a calculation or mathematical rule to rank indexed websites. All websites have different algorithms that are distinct and unique, and they get updated as such. 
ALT Attribute - A non-based text can be described by a line of text. This line of text is the ALT attribute, which in most cases, is an image. Ranking of your website and appropriate use of keywords necessitate high ranking of your pages.
Anchor Text - This is a text that is used to redirect visitors to another page without using a hyperlink. For instance, you can find a page on a website - To know more about us Click Here. By clicking, you'll be sent to the page. This enables readability and increases SEO benefits. 
Avatar - This is a graphical created representation mostly seen on website chat, forum, or comment section for users without a profile picture. 

Digital Marketing Terms

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