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Digital Marketing Glossary of Terms - B
A digital marketing glossary of terms is a list of terms and definitions that are used in digital marketing. The following are some of the top digital marketing glossary terms.
Backlink - This is also called Inbound Link. It is a link from another website that sends visitors to your website when they click on it. The main purpose of this link is to connect visitors to quality links from other websites.
Ban- This occurs when a website is temporarily removed from a search index due to violation of some terms provided by the search index. The website will be returned when necessary adjustments are made. 
Banner Ad  - This are used for advertising purposes. They exist as an animation or graphical image on a website's page, having a link that will redirect visitor to other websites. Most websites generate revenue through this method. 
Blip - Some media hosting websites give their members access to post video or music. This music and videos are called Blips. Examples of such websites are: and  
Blog- This is a website that give web creators opportunity to add contents categorized into date, time, and topic for easy access by interested readers. Blog is a short for "Weblog" and its contents are self-publishing based on the owner's strategy. Another interesting feature of a blog is that, it has a comment section where reader can express their thoughts on the post.
Blogger- This is a person who updates a blog by posting relevant content that will interest readers for personal or professional use. The characteristics of a good blogger are: giving timely commentary; interacting with audiences and fellow bloggers; and improving personal brands.
blog- roll.png
Blog-roll - A collection of blog not too different from each other are compiled and posted by an author on his blog for interested readers to access. 
Bookmarking–A website link can be saved on a browser (such as Firefox, chrome, opera) for future use by bookmarking. Social bookmarking visitor the ability to share groups of bookmarks across computers. Example include StumbleUpon, Mixx and Digg.
Bounce rate.png
Bounce Rate  - This this the amount of visitors that view a page without viewing any other page on the website. This is also called abandonment rate 
Broken Links   - Links to pages which no longer exist or have been moved to a different URL without redirection. These links usually serve pages with the “404 error” message (see “404 error”). Incidentally, most search engines provide ways for visitors to report on broken or “dead” links.

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