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Digital Marketing Glossary of Terms - L
A digital marketing glossary of terms is a list of terms and definitions that are used in digital marketing. The following are some of the top digital marketing glossary terms.
Landing Page - This is the first page that a user sees when he visits a website. It is sometime made for conversational purpose. It also serves as a response to the clicking on a search engine search result. 
Link Popularity - This is the quality and number of site that are linked to another site.
Link Farm  - It is website that do not list, arrange or categorize links. Most search engines are not in good terms with them. And any website that associate with them, will be penalized. 
LinkedIn - Professionals use this site for business oriented social network purpose. With a career focus, they are able to connect with others through chats, groups, sharing status etc.
Listings  -It does not matter the ranking of the website, but mostly it the presence of the website on the search engine directory.

Digital Marketing Terms

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