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Digital Marketing Glossary of Terms - I
A digital marketing glossary of terms is a list of terms and definitions that are used in digital marketing. The following are some of the top digital marketing glossary terms.
iFrames - See “frames,” above.
Glossary of Terms - I.png
Impression - The common metrics used here is “cost-per-impression”. This is a list of organic search engine listing being served to a particular web page.
Index - It is also called “search index” and is the collection of data from websites by a search engine.
Inbound Link - Check “backlink” above.
Instant Messaging - A service where individuals can communicate through a real-time, text-based interface over an Internet connection. The exchange of small files and screen-sharing are also typically available on these platforms. AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) is one of the most famous (and original) American examples of this software. Many other software programs provide this functionality, including Skype, Facebook, Gmail, and corporate videoconference clients.
IP Address  - This is a unique combination of numerals that represent the location of an internet user.

Digital Marketing Terms

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