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Digital Marketing Glossary of Terms - D
A digital marketing glossary of terms is a list of terms and definitions that are used in digital marketing. The following are some of the top digital marketing glossary terms.
Dashboard - This is a part designated for administrative control for operations, mostly used in blogging, social media setting etc.
Delicious.png - This is a social bookmarking site that allows it members to do some interesting stuff like to share, store, and organize their online contents.
Digg -This is not mostly used as it once was, and it is a crowdsourcing and social media site with member that famously directs server-busting traffic to websites that have articles linked from its popular top rankings.
Directory - Here, the index of websites are not done by hand rather than using crawler. All the operations are done and carried out by humans with transparent editorial guidelines.
DMOZ - This is run by volunteers. It is also called Open Directory Project. It claimed to be one of the most famous and largest human edited directories.
DNS -It full is “Domain Name Service,” “Domain Name System,” and “Domain Name Server”: This is a service that allows numbers and letters to identify computers instead if IP addresses.
Doorway Page.png
Doorway Page -This is a page specifically designed for ranking on the search engine. Most search engines frown to such page because they are not user friendly and loaded with keywords.

Digital Marketing Terms

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