There are over 1 billion people on Facebook eveyday, your customers are there and you need to advertise to them. You can't set and fortget marketing, and you for sure can't do it with social advertising either.


We create and manage your account actively, daily, and make sure your ads reach the right customers.

Included with your purchase is the following:

  • Create custom creative(s), conversion events, and connect to pages
  • Create and/or optimize your Facebook Like Page 
  • Create and/or optimize your Instagram
  • Instal tracking pixel in your website
  • Send you a weekly report to track progress and adjustments


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Facebook Ad pakcages include Instagram Ads at no extra cost.

Facebook & Instagram Ad Campaign

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Campaign Period
  • Weekly ad campaign management includes

    o    We create a full ad campaign plan for Platform

    o    We identify your target audience

    o    Draft an ideal budget based on your goals

    o    We research the best keywords daily to ensure your ad is getting results

    o    Weekly reports sent directly to you from the Facebook/IG Ad Dashboard

    o    EMPro will create custom content if you don't have it ready - NO EXTRA CHARGE

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